I recently relocated from Germany to New Zealand to explore something new. I am looking for exciting job opportunities as an Interaction Designer and Creative Technologist.

I work at the intersection of design, technology, code and music, creating interactive installations and experiences, data visualizations and commercial products.

All my life I’ve been fascinated by technology. I like tinkering around with it, pushing limits and placing it in extraordinary settings. Besides having collected a large stack of tools to pick from, I am also not afraid to step into the unknown.
I want to pass on my passion and fascination by creating unique and memorable experiences while keeping technical details in the background.
I naturally anticipate problems and solutions in digital design processes and love complementing teams that require solutions rooted in both design and technology.

Jeremias Volker
Photo by Counter Production

My story

I started out with organizing music festivals and concerts for several years, gaining organizational skills and a lot of knowledge about how things work on and behind the stage.
Later I explored design and technology while studying Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. My interest grew in exhibition design and interactive installations while always watching out for links to music. My graduation project brought it all together, when I experimented with different ways of incorporating audience participation through new technology into live music shows.
Since graduating I have been freelancing for more than 3 years for design agencies, commercial clients, museums and musicians, tackling challenging projects on screens, stages and in exhibition spaces alike.

I make up one half of Blood Brothers design studio and am part of the Lacuna Lab artists collective in Berlin.
Recently I had the opportunity to pass on my knowledge while teaching Programming and Generative Design at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal.


Hyundai, Clueso, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Tiefschwarz, TheGreenEyl, Factor Design, Waltz Binaire, Left Boy, Lotus Lumina, Hundreds, Counter Production, Syntop


Unity, vvvv, Node.js, JavaScript, Shader, Processing, Java, Python
HTML5 / CSS, Metalsmith, Drupal, Jekyll
MySQL, D3.js, OpenRefine
VDMX, Resolume, DMX, Vezér
Kinect, Oculus Rift

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