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Hyundai Motor­studio Seoul

Generative Design, 2016

Generative Motion Design for a video displayed on the media wall of the Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul.

I designed and programmed applications, generating computer graphics for five scenes, each featuring classic principles in Generative Design: e.g. attraction and avoidance in simulations of particle systems, perlin noise fields, fractals and interpolation between bodies, trigonometry and repetition.

For easier creation of the animation – which was partly my task as well – the scenes could be rendered in real-time and mostly in full 4K resolution right away. They were later exported and composed into a movie file of 12 min duration.

O HENG DO – »Principle of Five Elements« is a piece of video art portraying the interaction of interdependent energy created by the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, which form the core of Yin and Yang.

technical insights

I had established the workflow of using Vezér as a separate timeline app a few projects earlier, combined with custom rendering applications written in Processing, both connected via OSC. This time I threw in vvvv as a rendering environment and quite liked the speed the visual node based coding environment brought.
The type of animations made it necessary to introduce a more precise mechanism, which made sure the timeline and renderer were perfectly in sync. Another technical challenge to overcome were GPU rendering timeouts in Windows (TDR) as the high-res images exceeded a limitation of 2 seconds. My solution was to render smaller tiles instead of full frames.

Raw footageRaw footageRaw footageRaw footageRaw footageRaw footage


#vvvv, #Processing, #Shader, #Vezér


O Heng do 오행도(五行道) II
12 min, 4K, Media Wall, 2016
Artist: Chan Sook Choi, Daegeong Cheon

Sound: Jimmy Serr
Additional Programming: Dimitar Ruszev
Field operator: Jimin Jeon

Photo: JBworkroom